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16 Profitable Ways to Think About Money

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Don't be hoodwinked by mass media! Marketing guru Seth Godin shares some wisdom in thinking about money.

Points 12 and 13 resonate with me:

Don't get caught confusing money with security. There are lots of ways to build a life that's more secure, starting with the stories you tell yourself, the people you surround yourself with and the cost of living you embrace. Money is one way to feel more secure, but money alone won't deliver this.

Rich guys busted for insider trading weren't risking everything to make more money for the security that money can bring. In fact, the very opposite is starkly shown here. The insatiable need for more money is directly (and ironically) related to not being clear about what will ultimately bring security. Like many on this path, now they have neither money nor security.

And points 15 and 16 are the most important:

Within very wide bands, more money doesn't make people happier. Learning how to think about money, though, usually does.

In the long run, doing work that's important leads to more happiness than doing work that's merely profitable.

Yep, those points definitely resonated with me too. Additionally, this one hit home:

The way you feel about giving money to good causes has a lot to do with the way you feel about money.

Reminds me of this other post:

I had forgotten the "8 ways that money can buy happiness" post. Definitely worth a reread!

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