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Becoming Minimalist

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One of the Best sites on Minimalism 

There's a surprising amount of content there for a site about minimalism!

When I first heard about minimalism, I became very defensive. I wanted to ‘protect’ my material world. “No thank you, I love my stuff. I’ve worked hard for years to accumulate every single piece. And I’m planning to hold on to them!” That’s what I silently said in response.

I salute all of you advanced minimalists out there but the idea of a minimalist lifestyle and a small home terrified me. And so I promptly forgot about it and went about my business.

Adam I totally understand, when first introduce i was a single guy in a two bedroom with two luxury cars and a mean watch habit, since then I have totally turned around, I loved my stuff but i realized that it was controlling me all my time taken to care for my stuff, servicing cleaning dusting folding organizing . just had to let it go and glad i did.. less stuff less stress.

The slogan "less stuff less stress" is a good one.

So you just buy stuff when you need it and get rid of it when you don't?

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