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The Terrible Weight of Cold War History

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in the event of a nuclear war, 84 U.S. Navy sailors would have huddled together here, waiting for word that it was safe to return to the shattered world above. I am on an abandoned nuclear-fallout shelter on Adak, Alaska.

…the narrative of two great superpowers and their allies squaring off in a global conflict is easier to understand than the multi-polar, confused, terror-ridden world in which we live. It’s a mistake, I think, to judge the past too much in terms of the present, to assume that the present and those who inhabit it are better than the past and its people. But having been down in that that shelter and felt the weight of the Cold War pressing down on me in the darkness, I feel confident in saying that the present is safer than the past, at least the past of the Cold War. And for that we must all be grateful for all those stood, served, and brought the Cold War to a peaceful resolution: those who tracked the Soviet fleet from Adak, who flew the interceptor jets at Eielson Air Force Base, who went to sea in nuclear submarines, who monitored the skies over Anchorage at Nike Site Summit, and countless others who contributed to the defense of their country and the free world during those shadow-darkened years.

I never thought of Alaska as a Cold War stronghold until now. Wow. Mind blown.

Mind Blown gifs - PandaWhale

This goes on my front door.

The Terrible Weight of Cold War History

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