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Rock Paper Scissors for Digital Business. What?

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Looking deeper into legislative, consumer and technology trends, I see the challenges for the post-digital organization as: PrivacyOwnership and Persistence. 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' provides a handy metaphor to describe the challenges faced by post-digital businesses.

I will never think of Rock Paper Scissors the same way again.

whoah. I always looked at it from investors (rock) and companies (scissors) beating up on customers and every once in a while paper covers rock in shareholder revolts or gives the company a papercut in  customer service revolts.  

Adam, some thoughts... I've never forgiven Delicious for throwing away all my bookmarks (I guess I was clumsy enough to forget to download them), I downloaded my stuff before Dopplr decided to just give up on their service.

Now I am investing quite a lot of time building a repository of content in Panda Whale (which I love for so many reasons), I use it as the hub of activity to push out to Twitter and Linked In (I'd be really happy with a button for that too). Not sure how much traffic comes back to the site (I'd like to see that too).

I don't want Panda Whale to waddle/swim away - but just in case, I would really like to pull grab all this content I am bookmarking. Not a very 'Social Media' kind of thing, more a wierdo librarian thing, but I'd like some notion of persistence.

Love to hear what you think. 


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