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36 Cheap American Beers, Ranked

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Here's another site I like for beer reviews:

And by the way, Keystone is not #1. That's PBR.

There's a beer named "Adam" - #194 of the top 250 beers ranked here

#194 is not something to be proud of.

Placing in the Top 250 is quite an accomplishment.  :)

Fair enough. It's top 250 in the world right?

Yes, Adam Beer is 194th IN THE WORLD. 

Next stop: The Universe!

Make it a low-gravity beer.

Yuengling is on this list.... therefore this list is invalid.

Ha! So what is the best beer? The one with the elephant logo, Delirium Tremens?

this isn't the list of best beers.. it's the list of WORST beers... according to some Boston brahmin douchebag whose sole objection to Yuengling is he simply defines it as sucky and hates on PA in the process.

So do you like Delirium Tremens?

oh.. definitely

Me too. I think that's the best beer I've ever had.

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