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Does Climate Change Make Western Firefighting More Dangerous? | Mother Jones

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Great article. 

But this was one challenge I hadn't considered:  "What's more, these hotter temperatures make it harder for crews to sleep. Firefighters often work at night, according to Sundt, when weather conditions are more favorable. That means they have to go back to camp and try to sleep during the hottest hours of the day. Meanwhile, even the night shifts aren't as cool as they used to be. The 'C-N-A Crew' would help us do our work at night," Sundt says—explaining that "C-N-A" stands for "cool night air." But nighttime average temperatures are also rising. That means fires are more likely to be active, and firefighters less likely to get a reprieve."

I had not considered that either. Firefighter fatigue seems like a very real problem.

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