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Snapshot: Heartbreaking images of the San Francisco plane crash

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Let's keep the victims and their families in our prayers.

Will do.

This kind of crash is so rare, I cannot remember any other instances of this happening.

Yes, it is very unique. Despite the obvious tragedy of any loss of life, it's amazing that more people didn't lose their lives (2 were reported dead) when you look at the photos of what happened.

Was there something in particular the two did (not wear seatbelts?) that made them particularly unlucky?

That is still being investigated. One report said that they were sitting together in the back, and their bodies were found outside the airplane, so it seems likely that they were tossed from the cabin when the tail sheared off upon initial impact. The sad thing is that they were two 16-year old Chinese school girls coming to the U.S. for a summer camp.

That is sad. Random and tragic.

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