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Awesome music video on abundance

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this makes me smile whenever I watch it

I've watched this video a dozen times thanks to you. It makes me smile every time, too.

that was good. :)

I wish there were more videos like this.

there you go Adam :)

Thank you, Ben!

this is pretty great :)

holy smokes, ben! that one is a winner, too!  i'm all emotional now!!!

Me too!! The feels!! The feels!!!

"the feels!"  adam, i love that!

That's where it hits Captain America. Right in the feels!

Captain America right in the feels gif Imgur

hahahahahahaha!!  he definitely feels it!

Not just him but his gut bacteria in his microbiome, too!

haha!  yes!  it rocks their whole world!

Kindness keeps the world afloat. 

"Kindness keeps the world afloat."

Thanks, I had not seen this before. Nice use of cause-and-effect.

That is one very busy block (where I would like to live)! It reminds me that we all have it within us to do something for others.

Yes! And one day I'd like to walk down a block like that.

"You should be willing to do something that will take you five minutes or less for anybody" Five-minute favor by Adam Rifkin

I love this!! If everyone could just take a second to help someone else everyday, we would live in a different place. <3

Jen, I agree.

I've watched this video several times, and every time it picks me up.

Unbelievably amazing!

And it stands up well to repeat viewings.

It always bothered me because it makes it seem that people only help out or do the right thing because someone else did it to them first. That's not inspiring, that's disconcerting.

Kindness is what you do when nobody is looking and without any expectation of repayment--whether forward or backwards.

Greg, you're talking about random acts of kindness.

Not all kindness has to be anonymous. :)

Heartwarming yet feels too staged for me

Kare, you're right that it's very staged. But it's still heartwarming. :)

paying it forward wins every time :)

Yes. Every time.

Actions speak louder than words. But I do enjoy the words of Matisyahu. I get the point without it being preachy. Great video and great site!

Thank you James. I think so too!

Always share kindness. 

Yes! Always share kindness.

always share kindness

That is true

Beautiful! Sometimes i wonder that, if we payed more attention on what happens around us, it would be easier to help at least one person a day, or to think of that at least. It takes a small effort... I realized that when i had to give up my mobile for 10 days: my way home way is more interesting than i remembered, I talked to the sushi men at my favorite restaurant during dinner, made some small talk on the bus etc. It's easy to stay glued on your mobile with your friends, cool apps, taking pictures of whatever and not really appreciate what surrounds you. Yes, it is a staged video, but those people were not walking around "inside their little world", they were paying attention! Thanks for sharing!

You are very welcome, Juliana. I, of course, agree with you. 

Thank you I needed this inspirational reset and recalibrate!

Valerie, this video is so good it's worth revisiting from time to time.

Woke up stressed, am stressed no more. Now I can face the day the right way. Thank you, Adam (and everyone else!)

You are very welcome Chris and everyone else!

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