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Microsoft to buy Yammer for one instagram?

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Still a rumor, broken by Sarah Taylor's tweet and then Bloomberg.

TechCrunch has nothing interesting to say about this yet.

Eileen Brown of ZDNet writes why this would be good for social business.

Referring to a billion dollars as "one instagram" is courtesy of @BenParr.

Wall Street Journal reports $1.2 billion:

TechCrunch reports $1.4 billion:

So... Bigger than an instagram, smaller than a youtube.

Yammer Time:

Looks like the WSJ confirmed the acquisition.

Venture capital raised: $142 million

Exit price: $1.2 billion

Employees: 300

Users: 5 million

Paying users: 1 million

Not sure if 20% upgrade to premium is good or not.

I believe Evernote has smaller conversion rates (1 million paid out of 30 million users).

Which is interesting since Evernote and Yammer are roughly worth the same: $1000 per paying user.

Pay no attention to Yammer!

Look, shiny objects:

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