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Cloud Monet Smeared Sky by Matt Molloy. Made by stacking 200 pics from a timelapse...

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Photographer: Matt Molloy. 


Canada-based photographer Matt Molloy brings sky photography to a new level. By stacking hundreds of separate sky shots he is able to achieve an incredible brush-like effect. Each final picture in his “Smeared Sky” series is a result of combining from 100 to 200 photographs.

For fun, here's a version with a house jump time lapse:

Smeared Sky House Jump Time Lapse Matt Molloy Bored Panda Cloud Monet Imgur


house jump time lapse

16x9 version of original for use as wallpaper:

wallpaper smeared sky Matt Molloy

1920x1080 wallpaper:

Run through a filter to look like a painting:

smeared sky painting

Matt Molloy also did Star Lines and Fireflies:

Star Lines and Fireflies Time Lapse by Matt Molloy

Tutorial on how to make images like this:

When I searched the web for Cloud Monet I found this Cloud Tree:

cloud tree cool art monet Imgur


Me too! More Matt Molloy:

Cloud Tree is more like Magritte:

Magritte cloud tree cup


You might enjoy browsing the gallery of this guy, Jerry Uelsmann (Gainesville, Fl).   He's the realist illusionist of photography.

"realist illusionist" <---- I love it!!