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An Introduction to Modern-Day Australian Food | Serious Eats

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Speaking of touristy, here's the 'Coat of Arms' pizza with kangaroo and emu, basically in this post to show that Australian's will put pretty much anything on a pie. While I can't name another country that consumes both of the animals that appear on their coat of arms, I can tell you that emu is incredibly high in protein and has virtually no fat, so it is considered a healthy alternative. I prefer it in a sausage, because you get to reap all of the benefits of game meat (berries, grassiness) with some added fat to balance out the more potent flavors of 'eau de emu.' And no, it doesn't taste like chicken, it's more like really lean beef.

To wash all this pie and pizza down, I skip the Fosters and order up some of Australia's craft beers, an industry that is starting to thrive in Australia. My go-to is the pale ale from Little Creatures, a brewery based in Western Australia.


So Australian Food = Emu + Foster's? I'm in.

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