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106 Miles, Southern California Edition

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We threw our first successful 106 Miles in Los Angeles at Nobu on Friday, August 12, 2011.

106 people attended from many walks of life to have a good time and conversations about startups, software engineering, and entrepreneurship.

Net-net, we concluded that there's a lot of demand for 106 Miles in Southern California.

So we've created a 106 Miles SoCal meetup group that is open to anyone who wants announcements of future 106 Miles events in Southern California.

Frequently Asked Questions about 106 Miles SoCal:

  1. Is there another LA event? What are the deets?

    Yes, on Friday September 16, 6-9pm, at Tiato in Santa Monica. RSVP here.

    We plan on having at least one event in southern California each month going forward.

  2. Can I go to 106 Miles events in Los Angeles if I'm a member of the Bay Area 106 Miles meetup group?

    Yes, we're all on the same team. All 106 Miles events are open to anyone who believes in startups and in our mission of educating entrepreneurial engineers.

  3. If I signed up for the Bay Area group because I wanted to go to the LA one, what should I do now to stay updated?

    Sign up for the 106 Miles SoCal meetup group.

  4. How do I find out more about 106 Miles?

    See Frequently Asked Questions about 106 Miles.

And, as always, feel free to ask more questions and leave suggestions here on ... :)

I also want to give Props to Sasha and Dave, who are leading our SoCal 106 Miles group.

Wish I still lived is SoCal :(

Someday, Eric, perhaps you'll return to California. And when you do, we'll be there.

Also, someday, we'll have a 106 Miles in Chicago...

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