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Social media "engagement" is not a strategy

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Social media’s place in the marketing mix is to provide consistent, small provocations and conversations through content that lead to engagement and interactions. Skillfully done, that engagement ultimately results in consumer interest, and hopefully loyalty and meaningful activity (like a purchase).

Engagement must lead to stakeholder value

The most valuable brand in the history of the world, Apple, has no social media engagement. By comparison, Dell, the gold standard of social engagement, is floundering and has a stock price hovering near a five-year low.  So “engagement” in and of itself is not a predictor of success, is it?  That’s why “engagement” is not a valuable activity unless it is tied to some organizational goal such as:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Brand awareness/defense
  • Investment
  • New product development
  • Registrations
  • Service
  • Employment/recruiting

Well said. Social media engagement is a tool, not an end goal.

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