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Why Startups Fail Infographic

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Me like data.

Is it an over generalization to say that most Startups fail due to premature optimization?

Are you saying they pigeonhole their design before they have enough users to attain the input to really optimize?

Consistent Startups focus their energy on customer development.

This suggests that conversations with customers are more important than building for customers.

Whole thing seems to scream FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU REALLY ARE BEFORE TRYING TO GROW. Probably good advice, and customer communication is vital to that but like your prior comment, is that all that matters?

You know, this is as true for people as it is for Startups.

First, figure out who/what you are.

Then, be who you are, as hard as you can.

It's just gambling. you have time instead of chips. Where are you putting your chips? People who put chips on optimization are sure black 52 will win.

But here is the scary thought-- what if the reality distortion field which is what is what lets you succeed despite all odds is also what takes down 99% of the rest.

good luck with that.

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