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Meet The 17-Year-Old Who Created A Brain-Powered Prosthetic Arm

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Once again I'm astonished by the level of clever exhibited by American teenagers.

Here are more examples:

He has mastered the art of self-teaching:

Easton LaChappelle’s mission is to reinvent conventional prostheses. After meeting a young girl with a prosthetic arm and realizing that her parents had to pay $80,000 for it, he knew something had to change. So LaChappelle focused the desire he’s always had to take things apart and put them back together again in a new way.

Living in a small town in Colorado, LaChappelle has had to self-teach himself everything--electronics, coding, how to use a 3-D printer, the list goes on. “This year’s graduating class had 23 people. The nearest RadioShack is an hour away,” LaChappelle says. But lack of access and the learning curve hasn’t stopped him. Neither has the fact that’s he’s 17 and has little money to buy products. LaChappelle conducts all of his work in his bedroom. “Just the other day, I heated acetone in a mason jar in my room to make the 3-D-printed hands look more human,” he admitted to an audience of thousands in his recent TEDx talk.

His TEDx talk is worth watching:

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