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The 9X Email Problem

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This is one of the single best explanations of why people won't use your product, and yet I rarely hear it referred to. Whenever I'm looking to disrupt something well established, I always try to get it to be 9x better... or don't bother if I can't.

Why not 10x instead of 9x?

This was the money paragraph for me:

The greatest challenge here, I think, doesn’t have to do with making the browser sufficiently application-like (AJAX is a pretty powerful set of technologies).  It has to do with making technologists sufficiently user-like —  getting them to stop thinking in terms of bells and whistles and elaborate functionality, and to start thinking instead about busy users with short attention spans who need to get something done, and who can always reach for email.

Shooting for 10x better than email sounds good to me.

Why not 11x instead of 10x?

I have 10 fingers.

Andrew is clearly an overachiever.

As a programmer, I prefer to shoot for 0x10x.

16 is the new 10, Gordon.

And more importantly, 41 is the new 29.

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