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Cook’s Illustrated picks The Best Butter

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Surprisingly, Land O Lakes was the top choice for baking! A lot of the subtleties of European butter are lost in cookies.

What I want to know is why the ingredients list on butter needs more than one ingredient.  Why does Land O Lakes include "natural flavoring"? See

What exactly is "Natural flavoring"?  I flinch at the term ever since Wikipedia told me that the USA goes through 300 lb a year of beaver anus extract (labeled as "natural flavoring")

Kerrygold rocks, but I don't use it for baking--unless it's something like a Scotch shortbread. It's really expensive... But I love it. 

@Luke... I'm really afraid to research that fact, but if you did, I'd be compelled to read it, like rubbernecking, I suppose...can't avoid... 

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