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Happy Father's Day!

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Please call or see your dad - and treasure the memories.

I'm trying to understand the leadership values you ascribe to your father.

Would you say that listening was his main value, or were there others?

In addition to being a great listener, he had empathy, compassion, and authenticity in spades. He was genuinely interested in what other people had to say, and that made his interactions more powerful and memorable. He earned the respect of his employees because he spread the fame, giving credit where it was due, and took personal responsibility for failures instead of blaming others. Despite the hardship and loss in his life (almost all family members died in Auschwitz), he was a very positive person and looked for the good in people. I don't think he ever thought of himself as inspirational, but he was - many told me at his funeral/life celebration. And he was the most moral and ethical person I've ever known.

I am definitely biased - but proud to be his daughter.

I've been endeavoring to learn many of these same traits. Fortunately, while you have your father as inspiration and example, I had my grandpa, who rose from dirt poor to mid-level executive at GM, and who pretty much had exactly the same traits you described.

In my life, I've seen so many completely messed up people (and frankly, been messed up myself) and go through life completely bereft of such an example of patience, kindness, determination, empathy, faith, ethics, and just plain goodness. Frankly, it breaks my heart to have that kind of luck, so I work every day to pass it on.

I'm glad you've been so lucky too.

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