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Filesystems are for work and Dropbox is the de facto iOS Filesystem

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The Premise:

Many people are getting work done with iOS.

One thing that most have in common is the reliance on Dropbox as part of their workflow. The big difference between work and casual computing use is that people pay humans to accomplish a task. More often than not, these tasks involve multiple tools. Any time multiple tools are required, you need some kind of staging area, where intermediate results can be persisted, organized and routed to the correct tool.

Turns out that iCloud only does the persisted part.  

Straight to the conclusion:

Steve Jobs famously called Dropbox “just a feature”. While hard drives in the sky aren’t the only way to solve the organization and routing issues, they are issues need to be solved or Apple will find itself beholden to a 3rd party for a fairly critical piece of the computing mindshare: “Getting Work Done”.

Apple should be thinking about the organization and routing of documents and data. For many people, Dropbox is already the de facto filesystem on iOS. If “many” becomes “majority”, then Apple has a big problem.

Apple can fix this problem but first Apple has to care enough to fix this problem.

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