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MIT Has a Pirate Program | The Mary Sue

MIT Has a Pirate Program The Mary Sue

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For the past 20 years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — better known as MIT — has unofficially been offering a super secret athletic “program” for students who take a certain group of courses. Upon completing all of these course, they achieve a certain “scurvy-scum” status amongst their less inclined peers. Indeed, students who take and pass courses in “pistol, archery, sailing, and fencing” are deemed pirates. And while this was done by students just for kicks, MIT has decided not to ignore the swashbuckling that’s been going on and will now issue these students actual, physical pirate certificates.

Oh, it’s true. There are undergraduate students earning real, live pirate certificates at MIT, surely making their parents truly, deeply proud of them. All as part of their requirement for four physical education courses. And now, they’ll have documentation to show for themselves (on top of the gun, archery, swordplay, and boat know-how):

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