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Lab-Grown Beef Has Arrived!

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Solution for world hunger?

It's a possibility. I guess it will depend on whether we can bring down the cost to be cheaper than tending and processing live animals.

My question is: How does it taste?

Apparently it tastes rather flavorless b/c there isn't any fat in the burger... which made it occur to me: that lab grown fat is probably more valuable in the marketplace than lab grown protein/muscle since there are so many more uses for oils.

Hm...good point, Jason. If we can produce the oils cheaply, that could be a source of alternative fuel.

I'm thinking more about french fries and chicken, actually. The main reason horribly-bad-for-you vegetable oils are ubiquitous in pre-prepared food is the higher cost of beef tallow, butter and lard.  "Going Paleo" just isn't feasible at scale currently in a world which enjoys convenience.

I do agree with you that synthetic fats could be highly lucrative.

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