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Secret Sqrrl: NSA “spin-off” company releases data mining tool | Ars Technica

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Recent revelations of the National Security Agency's (NSA) data mining capabilities have come to the forefront recently, making "big data" a new subject of interest and concern for many people.

So what better time than now to launch a data analytics tool based on the very technology that the NSA uses to perform its real-time analysis of massive amounts of data being pulled in from sources like the PRISM program?

The timing of the launch may not have been ideal for startup Sqrrl Data, which announced version 1.1 of its flagship product Sqrrl Enterprise today. Sqrrl is a commercially extended version of Apache Accumulo, the big data analysis platform originally developed by the NSA for real-time data mining, with built-in protections designed to hide certain kinds of information from people without the clearance to view it. (Last week, Ars took an in-depth look at Accumulo and other tools that the NSA uses to tap into the firehose of data that it has access to.)

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