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CloudFlare and Free Speech | CloudFlare Blog

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At CloudFlare we believe in a free and open web. However, we regularly get questions about controversial content that flows through our network. Yesterday we we received the questions below from the about-to-be relaunched European technology blog, The Kernel.

The questions involve one of CloudFlare's users. We have been consistent in our policy, but thought answering these questions in public presented a good opportunity to show how we think about these issues.

We do not confirm any CloudFlare user to the media without the user's permission, so I've edited the questions to remove reference to the site and group in question. That, however, should not keep you from understanding the context or our responses. Here's a way to think about it: whatever your political persuasion, there is undoubtedly some alternate political viewpoint you believe to be dangerous. Assume, for the sake of this argument, that whatever site would exemplify the opposite of your beliefs is the site this blogger is asking about.

CloudFlare has been a great partner for PandaWhale this year. I have a crush on them!

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