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Here's How The Hyperloop Will Stand Up To Earthquakes

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Sweet. I'm ready! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

I think the compressor fan is a flaw.  It requires a big engine to do the compression and a massive cooling system for the pressurized flow. I think it's better to have an evacuation tube attached to the main travel tube with one-way valves and design the aerodynamics of the transport pod to scoop air into the evac tube.  Let the transport pod also be the vacuum pump.

Also he doesn't realize that our transportation system is and always has been focused on the needs of freight. Build it to shuttle shipping containers around and you'll get big money behind it, imo.

I think people moving is pretty far out and a waste of time.  Imagine taking 1 million trucks a year off of the highways and how that would greatly improve the quality of life for everyone and dramatically reduce the cost for all goods.  Imagine doing trans-pacific hyperloops and speeding up mass product delivery across the pacific in the place of thousands of ships. 

Hyperloops for non-human shipping is interesting and not something I hear a lot about.

I'd still prefer someone invent teleportation, though not in the way discussed in Breaking Bad last night.

Jason are you talking about a worldwide pneumatic tube network?

Not as such, but something like 80% of cross country shipping actually goes thru the Panama Canal and it would take at least a decade to build the trucks, roads, rails and locomotives to replace that traffic. The main problem with the Canal route is it's low speed and high latency. A Hyperloop network is high speed and low latency.

Let's do the math:

A New Panamax class ship (which won't be supported until 2015) can hold upto 14500 TEUs (Normal Panamax is about 5000 TEUs currently) and shipping time from east to west coast (Charleston to LA) takes from 16 days.  That's about 38 TEUs / hr. (plus truck/train to the final destination). 

Just one Hyperloop tube has a potential capacity (at 2/min) of at least 120 TEUs per hour (i'm going to guess 2-4x that judging by the size of the human transport pod), with a total transport time cross country of about 12-16 hours.  Let's presume that tubes would be constructed in a cluster formation and follow the Interstates & Rail across country and you'd have an additional multiplier effect... let's say 25-50 extra tubes.  We're approaching a thruput level that is in the same class as other freight transport.

That sounds like it would be commercially beneficial. Wow. 

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