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Do Middle Children Make the best Entrepreneurs?

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August 12th is middle child day. Here's a list of their traits, but do they make the best entrepreneurs?

o They get forgotten a lot, thus they have to make their own way.

o You understand the real value of things as all your clothes and toys were hand me downs giving you an appreciation of true value.

o You know how to entertain yourself without having a lot of external stimuli, thus you are a good figure-outer.

o While your older and younger siblings got everything, you had to go out and make your own way and spend your own money thus teaching you independence.

o Your are used to taking responsibility for everything as you seemed to get blamed for everything.

o You have larger social circles and lots of friends which helps with any startup.

o You were intuitively the best negotiator as you can see things from all sides which helps with those pesky VCs.

o Life lessons have made you flexible, empathetic, innovative, and successful, all good traits for starting your own company.  52% of presidents are middle children...president of your own company..yeah. Looks pretty compelling to me!

The middle child in my family is my younger brother. He never got hand me downs from me since a) we are different genders and b) he is a foot taller than I am!

I think there are arguments for why every single member of a family would have been prepared by their experiences to be an entrepreneur.  Birth order studies are still fascinating though.

I will now have to go wish my brother well and send him a virtual high five. 

Hi Soyeun, it's just a self-serving theory, so don't congratulate him too soon!

There are more second children than middle children.

Is your theory applicable for second children?

Of course!  How many entrepreneurs have time for *three* kids?

Precious few. 

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