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"The modern standard for building web applications, Ruby on Rails, is powerful and elegant. It's the primary framework you'll learn during Dev Bootcamp."



What is Dev Bootcamp?

  • A 10-week intensive bootcamp to turn passionate learners into world-class beginners.
  • Appropriate for total beginners or experienced programmers.
  • Learn by doing, with hands-on-labs.

Over $12K huh? More than a grand per week...

When I was a senior in college, an advisor gave me a really important piece of advice: don't go to graduate school unless you get a full scholarship with stipend. His reasoning was that if you weren't in that top echelon right away, you were already so far behind the 8-ball that your chances of becoming a top professor were essentially nil. Just thought I'd throw that out there!

With a powerful tool like Ruby on Rails in your arsenal, @dhh offers his PERSONAL guarantee that you'll be %100 satisfied with your investment!


And people whine because CodeLesson charges $300 for this. Dang!

Perhaps CodeLesson should up its prices?

'In just 7 days... I will make you... a MAAAA AA AA AA AAAAAAN!'

Ha! Makes me think of the Orgazmo theme song:

Ok, not to sound ignorant (even though I truly am when it comes to coding) but this is just what I said I needed & was told is not possible. So my question is...Is it really possible for someone to sit me (who sees mostly colors, & not numbers) down and show me how to code? Given the fact that I generally do actually use the allotted 10% of my brain each day.

Danielle, that is a subject of much debate.

Some people believe that anyone can learn how to code.

Other people believe that only people who have mastered a good amount of math and logic can learn to program.

Ultimately it comes down to whether you can have fun with the struggle of the early learning curve.

I would also add language ability to the mix. Logic and language.

Hi all! I help run Dev Bootcamp and am a teacher for the summer cohort.

I'm happy to answer any questions here, or via email ([email protected]).

My website:

My CrunchBase:



Loves it!