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Jets’ Trevor Pryce Is Retired, and Getting Tired of It -

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What's life like after the NFL?

Fascinating to compare Pryce's attitude with Tiki Barber:

When they're conditioned to do nothing but play the game, life without the game feels not like life.

I think it might be comparable to what some soldiers experience. Both are so removed from everyday life and both are so focused and singular in what you do in that alternate world... When you come back to normal life, where do you fit?

I guess this is why many of them stay in the industry: coaching, front office, back office, broadcasting...

Yeah, it's probably beneficial for both sides: they've lived in this weird world so long they don't click outside it, and the weird world has very few people who understand it well enough to fill those support positions effectively.


Speaking of which, I miss football. How long before the preseason starts?

I don't know. I don't follow sports -- but I find the world behind them and their economics fascinating. :)

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