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Smart Forge, Java Application Framework

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Open Source Java Framework for Webb Applications

I wonder what came of their experiment with Node:

@Adam: experiments with Node was very useful to understand some peculiarity of Node architecture and environment.

My opinion is that Node is extraordinary and has really good performance, but is not a good choise for big projects.

Large projects (over 4.000 objects or classes) need a developing language better than javascript and usually a good IDE for refactoring and mantainance activities.

Another issue is about native plug-in writing in C++. C++ is a wonderful language, but dangerous for developer with short experience.

Things I love in Node are:

- CommonJS compliance (easy to extend with javascript libraries)

- Javascript (good for prototyping)

But you can find same in RingoJs with better performance and more stability for real world applications.

And RingoJs is pure Java and you can extend your application easily writing java modules to publish in javascript environment.

After this experience with Node and RingoJs (and MongoDB) we started writing new framework for modular and scalable application development in Java: Smartly.

Soon I'll release also websocket module and the package manager (like npm of Node).

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