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Big Data Analytics Gold for the Call Center

There’s valuable data in those contact center logs that have largely been gathering dust, and companies are using new tools to mine them to boost customer satisfaction and revenue and lower costs.

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Some of the most interesting software being implemented today attempts to take unstructured voice recordings and analyze them for content and sentiment. Companies are applying text and sentiment analysis to this unstructured data, and looking for patterns and trends. Many companies are integrating this call center data with their transactional data warehouse to reduce customer churn, and drive up-sell and cross-sell [activity]. Machine learning could revolutionize the call center, as well. Everyone who’s ever called a help line has a horror story of being stuck in some seventh level of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) hell. “Being able to respond to customer requests in an automated manner, but without disagreeable and confusing IVRs, could be a huge boon for companies.

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