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Genius And Insanity: Do You Need To Be Crazy To Be The Best?

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Do you have to be obsessed to get to "10,000 hours"?

In short, YES.

If you are at the cutting edge then you are going to bleed.

10,000 hours is a lot of hours. crazy amount of hours, one might say.

I’ve posted a lot about “deliberate practice” and the work habits of geniuses. They’re relentless.

Via Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

“Sooner or later,” Pritchett writes, “the great men turn out to be all alike. They never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.”

Read more:

Worth watching: Michael Jordan - "Maybe It's My Fault":

I love this quote from Eric's article:

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas Edison 

Visualization of that:

thomas edison quote opportunity

I do continue to be obsessed with the Rule of 10,000 hours:

Great follow-ups from Eric's article:

If you want a healthy amount of what they had, what should you do next?

Start educating yourself. Which of the below is your weak spot?

Click, read and improve:

Read all of "Genius and Insanity", including stories about Steve Jobs:

What is the healthy amount ?  And is it really worth it.  

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