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Lindsay Lohan Faces Her Greatest Denial Challenge Yet: Oprah Winfrey - Hollywood Prospectus Blog - Grantland

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While she looks much healthier than she has in years, Lohan unfortunately stopped off at all her beauty clinics before doing Oprah, eight days after completing her three-month stay in rehab (her sixth total rehab attempt). She sprayed everything on her face orange, and her dress is orange. She has obvious lip injections, and her lip color is a peachy nude that is the exact same color as her face. She looks slightly like the Annoying Orange. Her unconvincing tan makes her apology seem slightly less sincere, but it's her life. She can be orange if she wants to. Sure, we'd prefer Lindsay pale and ginger, her face free from surgery, like she was in Mean Girls, but there's no turning back time. There is only the future, hopefully incorporating the lessons of the past. Good luck.

Six attempts at rehab?! Wow.

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