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Gaining Weight the Healthy Way

This post is a reblog of an Imgur post from a woman who gained weight the healthy way:

imgur babe healthy weight gain

I've received a lot of emails from people who have tried to gain weight but just can't, asking me for weight gain advice.


I am a very picky eater, so I never really ate breakfast. HUGE mistake. Always eat a huge breakfast every morning. I drink this stuff (surprisingly delicious) every morning in addition to whatever toast or cereal to give me a jump start on the day.


Protein is key. So, eat whatever you fancy, but make sure its high in protein. I choose bacon. or kevin bacon made of bacon. (not my OC)

Kevin Bacon made of bacon

I really love bacon. Also make sure to eat lean protein. But who wants to see a picture of nuts or white meat when you could see bacon?


Also, while you're eating, make sure you lift weights. I tried running, but I found that running only burned off the calories I was trying to gain. Try lifting weights and doing ab work so that the protein has somewhere to go.

Ben Stiller lifting weights dodgeball

Overall, a good protein and carbohydrate filled diet did the trick for me. I ate about 5 meals a day because I can't eat a lot at once. It takes a while, so don't be disappointed when you haven't seen a change and you've been doing it for a week.


My dog Misha and I wish you all luck in your progress(: Message me any results you guys have, I'm curious to see if this works for other people. Happy eating! And remember, a skinny body isnt always a healthy one(:



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Rub the food on a piece of paper, if the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight gain.

My husband is a nutritionist ( hes also an amateur body builder) and I can not say how perfect this is. Protein and carbs!! They rule!

If anyone really needs advice on gaining weight, I basically have a PhD in the subject... I'm fat. Just sayin...

Mmmmm... Fish sandwich.

Homer Simpson fat fish sandwich

Much tougher for vegetarians, I cook w a lot of butter, cream, and oil which is helpful, since I don't eat a lot of processed stuff...cheese is always tasty, too:) 

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