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10 Simple, Science-Backed Ways To Be Happier Today

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I was initially hesitant about the content of this article but its a great read - even if you just skim the headers and cut out the evidence ;) 

Although I wonder if eating certain kinds of food/maintaining a certain kind of diet that leads to good health will ultimately lead to greater happiness 

Definitely food determines mood. Search the Web, you'll see.

P.S. My favorite parts of the Fast Company article:

An ayurvedic perspective:

"Such foods include watercereal grainslegumesvegetablesfruitsnuts, unpasteurized and unhomogenized fresh milk and fresh milk derivatives (mostly ghee, but also buttercreamcheese (paneer), and yogurt (lassi)), and raw honey."

Milk from any animal or just cows?

Cows only I think - although I am not 100% sure! 

Interesting article and statistic - thanks for posting. Have been hearing a lot about this topic lately. Milk consumption beyond infancy is only found in the human race - lactose intolerance is thus unsurprising. However, I think it would be important to distinguish between fresh milk (impractical in America, but possible in most of the developing world), and packaged milk.

It would be interesting to , not fully sure to what degree people may be lactose intolerant - most who are so can still consume small quantities per meal, as well as certain dairy products. I. Personally, I drink Almond milk (200ml daily) as drinking regular milk in the same quantity makes me a feel a bit sick. But eating 100 ml of fresh yoghurt from cow's milk three to five times a week in India doesn't bother me much, Neither does some cheese every night. 

Almond milk is an excellent alternative. As is soy milk.

Yogurt I don't think of as dairy. I think of it as probiotic. You are correct, of course, that it also is dairy.

It's interesting that milk bothers you but yogurt and cheese do not. Perhaps processing helps?

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