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5 Things Great Teachers Are Not — Medium

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This is a great blog post. In it, Deborah harpoons the myth of the "great teacher," telling why it's dangerous to create a cult or myth around teachers... teachers are humans with lives. 

Also, I love how she discusses the definition of "great," because it's so true that a teacher who's great for one are might not be great for another. I'm an urban educator. I've taught athletics and martial arts to students from three to 63 for years as well. I've been briefly in middle schools, and I did a few weeks while deciding in a NYC fourth grade. Each teacher finds his or her niche. 

As I start this school year, Deborah reminds me that I am human...Setting up the expectations, working smart, balancing are important... The myth of the superhero is just that, a myth... 

Why do we put so much pressure on our teachers?

Because we entrust our kids to them.   I'll bet there are mutual expectations, with teachers wishing parents did their job a little better.

All the teachers I know do wish parents did their job a little better.

No... I am not so sure that's the right approach. There's a lot of blame going around. I've been on both sides of that divide. Parent and teacher... 

I worked another job once where I'd get dispatched a million hours past my stop time, or go on vaca to see piles of work on my desk when I came back--it literally didn't pay to take a day because I had the same work to do. But by setting up those expectations, it's setting the wrong priorities. Workers should work but often times jobs (including education) don't let people put family first. And this is getting worse now that we can take our work home on the iPhone... 

What can we do about it?

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