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"That was kind of a big deal." ~Alex Honnold after climbing a triple

"That was kind of a big deal.” - Alex Honnold
1:35 PM Jun 16 2012

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Alex Honnold's triple.

The strength needed to climb well over a vertical mile in 19 hours is beyond my comprehension.


This is nothing short of extraordinary:

Honnold was attempting something no one had done before: climb the three biggest rock faces in the California park in succession, alone, and in less than 24 hours. Dubbed the triple, the task would mean scaling the sheer walls of Mount Watkins, El Capitan and Half Dome for a total of about 7,000 vertical feet of rock. For all but about 500 feet of it, Honnold planned to climb with no ropes or safety equipment at all. One mistake and he could die.

It reminds me of the story of the guy with cerebral palsy who climbed El Capitan.

It was more than "kind of a big deal." :)

Alex is also accomplished with understatement...

And he seems to have no fear. Wow.

A once-in-lifetime climber. Alex is an inspiration to so many with his humility, kindness and bold -- but calculated -- climbing.

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