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How to Differentiate Great Leaders from Good Leaders | LinkedIn

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Jeff Immelt has read Give and Take!

3) Is the leader a "giver or a taker?"

Just as the best leaders need to go with their gut, they must also be responsive to those around them. They realize that open, respectful, transparent conflict is a hallmark of great companies. Top leaders must also give back to the culture to make it meaningful and lasting. Build a WE not a ME organization. You have to inspire people. An idea or initiative may start with that constituency of one, but eventually you need buy-in from a company of many (about 300,000, in fact, at GE).

Yes, I noticed that as well. Chalk up another win for givers, and thanks again to Adam Grant!

Actually, I wondered why this showed up in the MIDDLE of his list.

I have to go back and read the list again to see what he ranked higher. 

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