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Beyond ‘Jobs’: 9 movies about Silicon Valley that must be made immediately

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‘GIF: The Motion Picture’

It’s one of those star-studded, team-effort romcoms likeValentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve: Twenty big-name actors attempt to find love in a zany, wacky, HTML5 world. The unifying thread? Each character forwards the same hilarious GIF to another person in the movie—who then forwards it to someone else, and so on, and so on, until everyone has followed one another on Tumblr. Misunderstandings, hilarity, and romance ensue.

It is possibly the poorest excuse for a movie in human history, and its poorly orchestrated “viral” marketing campaign—Adobe Flash? Seriously?—breaks browsers across the world.

But this one looks good:  

‘The Lumberjack’ starring Sean Parker

As the film opens, we meet our antihero—a humble lumberjack who just wants to do an honest day’s work for the Northern California timber industry. But then ecoterrorists say rude things to him on his wedding night, and so begins a 90-minute gorefest of mayhem and murder.

Sean, dude, perhaps you’re taking this just a bit too hard.

As chainsaw murders begin to mount, the homicidal lumberjack begins taunting his next victims in missives sent to the local community newspaper. The killing spree finally ends when everyone begins ignoring the lumberjack—who retreats under a bridge, and begins living life as a troll.

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