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NaturalMotion Games Raises $11M From Benchmark For 3D, Realistically Animated Mobile Games

NaturalMotion Games Raises 11M From Benchmark For 3D Realistically Animated Mobile Games TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

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What makes NaturalMotion stand out from many other chart-topping gaming companies is just the sheer quality of the titles. They tap into the same kind of care-taking impulse that many other casual, resource-management games do, but with much better, anatomically accurate 3D animations.

“We’re just about to witness the end of Wave 1 in iOS gaming,” said chief executive Torsten Reil. “A lot of mobile-social game are obviously 2G resource management games. They’re very similar. But devices are now at point where we can give a much richer user experience. That’s where we believe the disruption is going to happen.”


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