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Huge Problem For Monetization: Lawsuit Forces Facebook To Let You Opt Out Of Sponsored Story Ads | TechCrunch

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"The social network is being forced to let users opt out of having their likenesses repurposed as endorsements in Sponsored Stories ads.

These controls will work on an story-by-story basis, and won’t allow users to opt out of all future Sponsored Stories.

Facebook will need to add a system to let users see past actions that could be used as Sponsored Stories, and let them opt of having them used as such. These controls must be in place for at least two years.

Facebook will also need to clarify in its governing documents that user likenesses are employed in Sponsored Stories, and that those under the age of 18 who use Facebook have received parental or guardian consent for their likenesses to be turned into Sponsored Stories."

doesn't really seem like a huge problem to me, FB will just change up their privacy policy as usual and add some sort of button that the average person probably won't click...

Maybe I should sue Facebook:

"Facebook will pay $10 million in cy pres that will go to advocacy for people’s right over their use in publicity on the Internet. Facebook will also pay the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs up to $10.3 million, plus $37,00 in compensation directly to the plaintiffs."

Yes, this is nothing to Facebook, and most users won't change the defaults.

i will!

You and me both!

We must teach others...

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