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Bill Barnwell on the scenarios that coaches fail the most - Grantland

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In all, the chart yields 11 score situations where a two-pointer is the right choice. They fit into a few simple categories. There's the two-pointer to tie it up, for when you're down two points after a touchdown. There's the two-pointer that makes the opposing team score an additional touchdown to tie, which comes with leads of 5, 12, 19, and 26 points. There's the two for a three-point margin, which comes up with a one-point lead and a five-point deficit, bringing you three points away from the other team in a situation when the alternative extra point is of little value. Then, there's the two-pointer to eliminate a possession, which comes up when your team is trailing by 10, 13, and 18 points, which does exactly what it says it does: If you convert the two-pointer, you'll need one fewer possession to tie. Finally, there's the get to the two-pointer, which is when you're down 16 and need to go for two on one of your three touchdowns. Remember those five basic rules and you won't even need a chart.