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Breaking Bad "Confessions" gifs and memes season 5 episode 11

seriously? hello kitty? gif jesse pinkman breaking bad confessions 5x11

Aaron Paul tweet Breaking Bad Confessions thoughts 5.11 meme

Aaron Paul tweet fire Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 meme

jesse pinkman eat me gif Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11

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walter white this is my confession meme Breaking Bad Confessions 5x11

“My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 87104. This is my confession.”

"I’ve been cooking methamphetamine for my brother-in-law Hank who would then sell using his career connections."

why dont you kill yourself Walt gif Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11

Walt Marie gif Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11


walt skyler marie hank gif Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 most uncomfortable scene ever

Discussion during show:

Post show discussion:

Why this show is awesome:

Summed up in one poll:

Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Walt is really being genuine

Everyone wants to talk, but not to each other.

Hank Jesse I think you want to talk Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11

Jesse Hank not to you Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11

About the ricin:

After Jesse learns that Brock was not in fact exposed to ricin, he panics. That means Gus didn't steal the poison — that perhaps Jesse just lost it, meaning an innocent person could theoretically be exposed to it. The ever-sensitive Jesse is beside himself, and he calls Walt for help. (Oy, always a mistake.) Walt, who in fact has the real ricin vial, creates a fake ricin cigarette that he then plants and "finds" in Jesse's house. This gives Jesse peace of mind but also continues the gas-lighting process by which Walt teaches Jesse that Jesse's own ideas are bad, wrong, dangerous, stupid, and short-sighted and that Walt's are smart and for the common good. It's part of how Walt has conditioned Jesse, the way lots of abusers condition their victims. At the end of the search for the ricin cigarette, a sobbing Jesse apologizes to Walt. That's how much Walt can control Jesse! So, so much!

Which brings us back to "Confession." Jesse had finally confronted Walt, finally accused him of lying, finally said that Walt killed Mike, finally tried again to stand up for himself. And Walt went in for a hug. (World's most manipulative embrace.) Walt tells Jesse he should disappear, start a new life, let Saul wipe his slate clean and call the vacuum repairman. And as Jesse stands at the side of the road waiting for his escape hatch, he sees that his baggie of weed is missing, and he realizes that Huell took it out of his pocket on orders from Saul. Saul had yelled at him, Huell had patted him down — it made complete sense.

So what we have so far in the episode is (1) Jesse allowing himself to recognize how much Walt has lied to him, and (2) Jesse realizing that Huell is a good pickpocket. That's when, in a moment of clarity, Jesse knows he's been right all along: Huell did lift the ricin-pack back in season four, and the big guy was not working for Gus. Huell did that at Walt's behest. That means Walt was behind Brock's poisoning, and Jesse had been manipulated yet again.

On the future of the ricin:

What we still don't know: So what exactly did happen to little Brock Castillo? In the season-four finale, "Face-Off," we learn that Brock was not suffering from ricin toxicity but rather from Lily of the Valley poisoning. We also see that the Whites have a large potted Lily of the Valley plant in their backyard. We know Walt needed Jesse to be on his side against Gus, and that telling Jesse Gus had attempted to kill Brock was a great way to get there. But what we don't know is how Walt actually poisoned Brock.

At Comic-Con earlier this summer, BB creator Vince Gilligan explained it thusly: " I think probably what [Walt] did was crush some of the [Lilly of the Valley berries] up and put it in a juice box or something, and being a teacher, he probably knew his way around a school and he probably got into Brock's nursery school. That's our inter-story for how it would have happened. It would have been tricky."

That is not that satisfying! This is a show that pulled off a train heist, for crying out loud. There's got to be a better way to make a kid eat a berry. This also still provides Walt with way too much deniability when Jesse confronts him: Yes, I took the ricin back from you, but I didn't do anything to Brock, and you certainly can't prove that I did.

We also don't know whom the ricin is now meant for. We saw future-Walt go and get it from the abandoned White home, but he also has a machine gun in his trunk. Under what circumstances is ricin poisoning preferable to shooting? Let's see: When discretion is important. When immediacy is not essential (since death from ricin poisoning happens 36–72 hours after exposure). When one wants their victim to suffer both physically (ricin causes multiple organ failure) and psychologically (even if a doctor identified ricin poisoning correctly, there's no treatment for it).

Great summary by Grantland:

But the better replay was also by far the most nefarious. It's sometimes hard to remember, considering all the secrecy that followed, but Breaking Bad actually began with a confession. "My name is Walter Hartwell White," a certain mustachioed nobody sputtered into a camera in the pilot. "I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico … " He did it again last night, but this time it wasn't for the cops or his family. This time it was for Walter White's Oscar reel. "If you're watching this tape, I'm probably dead," he declared, voice even, eyes extinct. "Murdered by my brother-in-law, Hank Schrader." Trapping Hank like this was so cruel it bordered on obscene, so darkly funny it was practically opaque. A true villain doesn't just win, he makes you defeat yourself. Only Walt could feast on Hank's admirable lone-wolf tendencies as if they were a limping caribou. Last week we saw Hank stepping gingerly around the office because of the secret he was dying to spill. Now, all of a sudden, we see it from another angle: He's been acting guilty as hell. It's not fair but it's not wrong.

And as galling as the video was, it was only the appetizer to the main course of devastation still to come: Hank learning, for the first time, just how all that state-of-the-art rehabilitation was paid for. It was Heisenberg who got Hank back on his feet, and, in so doing, buried him. "You killed me here, Marie," Hank said. "That's the last nail, the last nail in the coffin." He's speaking metaphorically, of course, but one of the hallmarks of Breaking Bad — from the plane crash to Drew Sharp's tarantula in the bottle (a creepy crawler that made a return appearance last night, just before Walt and Jesse had their brodown in the dunes) — is that metaphors, even the most elegant ones, are often fatal.

The beginning:

Jesse Pinkman OH SHIT gif Imgur

Skyler Im a coward gif Imgur

Jesse Pinkman Im a criminal yo gif Imgur

“Perhaps the cold open was a hint that for all Walt’s smarts, there’s one ball that he’s not paying attention to? He’s so busy tying up his loose ends that he’s forgotten he’s someone else’s loose end. Last week, as Saul’s goons were contemplating grabbing the money and fleeing, we were reminded that Walt’s most impressive crime was orchestrating 10 simultaneous prison executions. Except he didn’t actually do any of the planning or legwork on that one. He just got in touch with a guy and made the payment. Maybe the real master criminals are the guys wiping blood off their boots in a diner.”

— Matthew Yglesias


Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Jesse in front of a graveyard Imgur

could I get you some guacamole Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Imgur

Walt Jr with hot babes Breaking Bad Imgur

Breaking Bad Miley Cyrus meme Imgur

Red pill or blue pill?

Red Pill Blue Pill Breaking Bad meme Imgur

Jesse Pinkman do I get to pick where I go meme Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Imgur

White Plus Pink Venn Diagram Breaking Bad meme

grand theft auto albuquerque breaking bad meme empire

Breaking Bad hug it out bitch meme Imgur

"The Heisenhug"

The Heisenhug hug it out bitch meme Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Imgur

"Confessions" was an episode of Ice and Fire:

Walt Jesse Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 meme Ice and Fire Imgur

Dat final scene.


jesse pinkman final scene gif 5x11 Breaking Bad Confessions jesse pinkman final scene gif 5.11 Breaking Bad Confessions


Jesse Pinkman gasoline gif Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Imgur

Jesse Pinkman who is knocking now bitch meme Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Imgur

bye bitch gif Pochahontas Imgur

We've been waiting for Jesse to turn on Walt ever since the end of season 2.

Breaking Bad Batman meme I wont kill you but i dont have to save you Batman Lets Jane Die meme Imgur

Breaking Bad = Batman Begins ?!

Hank = Lion King ?!

Dean Norris Hank Lion King meme Hakuna Matata motherfuckers tweet Imgur

Who will be the last man standing?

Who will be the last man standing? - Imgur

Saul Goodman quote Breaking Bad Confessions 5.11 Imgur

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