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UX stuff that bugs me today

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Mozilla when it crashes asks me to quit or restart, but first it sends in the error for fixing--which results in an error.

Gmail when you click on the labels on the left hand side, instead of getting an archive button like any other search (all a label is, is a search with label:foo), you have to use the pulldown to find the archive function. Different ways of interacting for doing the exact same thing is a UX no-no.

Speaking of which, why do I have to only select 100 messages at a time or all 20,000+ of them? There is an 'unread' selection flag, but it won't select all of them, just the first 100.

Also, why isn't there a function to mark as read *and* archive. Also, why doesn't my iphone let me filter messages I don't want to see on my mobile before they get there?

Finally, my Xobni Smartr logs me out every single time. I wish they would make a way to auto-login every time I logged into Gmail.

And one last one, why doesn't every single build of the unix tar command include the z flag? Are there really unix distributions in this day and age that don't include that as the default?!!??

Great points.

On Gmail mark-as-read-and-archive, how about a Greasemonkey solution?

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