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Miniature Human Brains Grown in Petri Dish, by MIT Technology Review

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"The Vienna researchers found that immature brain cells derived from stem cells self-organize into brain-like tissues in the right culture conditions. The “cerebral organoids,” as the researchers call them, grew to about four millimeters in size and could survive as long as 10 months. For decades, scientists have been able to take cells from animals including humans and grow them in a petri dish, but for the most part this has been done in two dimensions, with the cells grown in a thin layer in petri dishes. But in recent years, researchers have advanced tissue culture techniques so that three-dimensional brain tissue can grow in the lab. The new report from the Austrian team demonstrates that allowing immature brain cells to self-organize yields some of the largest and most complex lab-grown brain tissue, with distinct subregions and signs of functional neurons."

Cerebral organoids, man!  Science!

Yeah science!

I keep thinking about this. Brain tissue is different in that it CAN self-organize. That's fascinating.

So... soon... 3D-printed flying drone brains?

flying brains futurama

This may be of significance (longer term) in stroke recovery/rehab.

Agreed, that's part of what makes this research so exciting.

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