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Google Glass can't figure out what my new office is made of...


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I highly suspect it's tiger-striped compressed Bamboo as the company that was in the office before built all custom wood cubicles and conference rooms. They were some sort of new energy eco company that went out of business.


Whatever it is, it's pretty cool, though I hope it's not an exotic wood.

If Google discerns a criminal act, like possession of an exotic wood, is it legally bound to report it?  Maybe it's just protecting itself. "I see nothing, NOTHING!"

Thanks, that sets my mind at ease. I'm sure it's just some cheap, manufactured wood veneer. I'll take a screwdriver to it tomorrow and find out!

Geege, you're scaring me on the implications of our wearable technology, the police state and the current trend in NSA and other agencies requisitioning data from major tech companies.  You have a really good point there.  I'm going to get some tin foil hats and start digging a hole to hide in until this all blows over.

SOMEONE has to worry!

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