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Cooler Pacific Ocean May Explain Climate Change Paradox

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This is why it's "climate change" not "global warming".

But overall, it's warming.  "The Reality of Climate Change: 10 Myths Busted"  (below) is a nice link.

The findings suggest that the flattening in the rise of global temperatures recorded over the past 15 years are not signs of a "hiatus" in global warming, but are tied to cooling temperatures in the tropical or equatorial Pacific Ocean. When the tropical Pacific naturally switches back into a warm phase, the long-term trends in global warming, including more steeply rising global temperatures, will likely increase, said study co-author Shang-Ping Xie, a climate scientist at the University of California, San Diego.

"The engine driving atmospheric circulation on global scales resides in the tropical Pacific," Xie told LiveScience. "When the natural cycle shifts the next time to a warmer state, we're going to see more extreme warming on the global scale." [The Reality of Climate Change: 10 Myths Busted]

I seriously don't understand why we're arguing over the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and somehow acting like we don't know what's going on?


I know there's something going on.

8 ways climate change is already changing the world:

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