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Digital Darwinism: Who's Next?

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"Nothing today is too big to fail nor too small to succeed. Disruption not only faces every business, its effects are already spreading through customer markets and the channels that influence decisions and behavior. What works against you also works for you."

If you agree with the statement above, what does this mean for entrepreneurs? Where do you think technology will have the next great impact?

Mashable systems are nowhere near their potential. Another prediction: "the network is the database". I don't see any reason with modern nosql and big data infrastructures, incremental tables, indexing, and dynamic re-balancing anyone would ever use a traditional database ever again for anything.

I agree with both of those! We are really excited about nosql. I met the founder of Couchbase at the last 106 Miles event and found out about their nosql for iPhone. Very exciting!

How about a JSON database? JSQL, anyone?

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