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All of the Star Wars: Episode VII Rumors/Reports -- Vulture

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May 4: British tabloid the Sun  reports that scenes from Episode VII will be shot in Scotland.

May 8: Jedi News reports that Disney has signed a five-year deal at London's Pinewood Studios with plans to shoot Episode VII there.

May 20: Latino Review reports that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in talks to star inEpisode VII.

May 26: Irish tabloid Sunday World  reports that J.J. Abrams has met with the Irish Film Board about shooting some of Episode VII there.

June 1: British tabloid the Sun  reports that Florence Welch has landed a "leading role in new Star Wars."

June 1: Comic Book Therapy reports that Derek Maki, president of talent management company Coolwaters, told the crowd at Nashville's Fanboy Expo that neither Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, nor Carrie Fisher had signed on toEpisode VII.

June 7: A reader alerts the site to a listing on the United Talent Agency website that names Darren Gilford (OblivionTron Legacy) as the production designer for Episode VII.

June 11: Schmoes Know leaks a plot description that says the story line forEpisode VII will revolve around two 17-year-old twins, one male and one female, who are "trained by their uncle Luke to be the greatest Jedis in the galaxy. Problems arise when the male twin turns to the dark side."

June 19: Bleeding Cool leaks a casting breakdown for Episode VII that includes descriptions of seven lead characters, including two "late-teen" females and five males ranging from a "young twenty-something" to a "seventy-something male with strong opinions."

June 26: The Sun  reports that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher “will be supplied with a top nutritionist and fitness trainer" to get into shape for Episode VII.

July 22: BadAssDigest reports on "tons of rumors that JJ Abrams is on the verge of dropping out of" Episode VII.

July 24: Latino Review reports that Leonardo DiCaprio passed on a role inEpisode VII in favor of Tobey Maguire's Robotech movie. Also, it states that Disney is considering Zac Efron for an unknown role and Ryan Gosling for Luke Skywalker's son.

July 31: Jedi News reports that Episode VII is in preproduction under the name "Foodles Productions Ltd."

August 11: Jedi News reports that Ian McDiarmid, who played Emperor Palpatine, is set to reprise the role in Episode VII.

August 14: Latino Review reports that Emperor Palaptine will return inEpisode VII as a Force Ghost and that he lined up a new apprentice before biting the dust in the Death Star reactor shaft, potentially setting up a new villain for the new movie.

August 16: Latino Review reports that Ewan McGregor will play a Force Ghost version of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode VII. The actor also reportedly asked Disney for a stand-alone solo film about Obi-Wan.

August 19: BadAssDigest reports that Disney considers December 15, 2015 the film's most likely release date.

August 22: Boba Fett Fan Club reports that Episode VII will be shot on 35mm Kodak film stock. 

August 26: Latino Review reports that principal photography on Episode VIIwill begin January 21, 2014.

August 28: Latino Review reports that British actress Rachel Hurd-Wood has read for the role of Princess Leia's daughter and Alex Pettyfer has read for an unknown role (the site guesses Luke Skywalker's son). 

I love that there's a Jedi News.

That IS cool. 

So with Force Ghosts no one ever dies completely? Sheesh. 

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