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Why Developing Serious Relationships in Your 20s Matters β€” Architecting A Life β€” Medium

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A good case to start being serious early

There's an equal case to be made that says not to get too serious too soon.

Relationships as a performance sport, or leveling-up gamification. Β Wow. "You're smart, hot and successful--I'd really like to date you! Β But I obviously haven't had enough practice yet and I just might shit myself. Β Please wait here until I go shred a few newbies...I'll be back!"

Yeah, I guess Spier's advice could be considered architecting a life in the same way that giving crayons to toddlers is considered art development... hope they like the edifice of relationships they'll be practicing with once they start constructing their lives this way.

Sometimes it's much better to just say no thank you.

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