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Google Glass Photography Could Kill Facebook — And Rescue Google+

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Emily Nussbaum, the wife of New York Times writer Clive Thompson, pointed out an interesting aspect of how Google Glass shares photos in a blog item about what it was like to live with someone wearing Glass all the time: All photos taken on Google Glass are automatically backed up and shared on Google+.

.........................................................................Google Glass is not likely to completely replace the cellphone. The spectacles are a barrier between normal human interaction, so many people will not want to wear them all the time. But it's obvious that Glass has huge applications in business and specific "experience" settings. I might want to wear Glass while I'm at a concert, for instance, so I can enjoy the show again later. Or if I'm a reporter on a remote assignment, my editors might want to see what I'm seeing. Protestors should use them on demonstrations to guard against police brutality.

But the killer app, at least initially, for Glass is likely to be photos. Glass photos make mobile phone photos look as labor-intensive as using an old-fashioned camera.

And if Glass photography becomes popular, then the default photosharing app will be Google+ — not Facebook or Instagram.

It's a good strategy.

Google Glass photos + Google Watch photos + Android smartphone photos all automatically go to G+.

How To Make Sex Better With Google Glass - Business Insider

By the way, you've seen that Google Glass has really gotten a lot of attention from Sergey Brin lately thanks to a woman named Amanda Rosenberg:

Meet the Google Founder's Mistress

Meet the Google Founder's Mistress

Meet the Google Founder's Mistress

Amanda Rosenberg is the one who coined the "OK, Glass!" command phrase. and she is an avid user of Google Plus. So the "Google Glass is good for Google Plus" story makes a lot of sense.

She's also on Twitter fwiw:

Which is where I found this:

Amanda Rosenberg Google Glass Super fl-eye

I would totally wear Google Glass that looked like this!!!

Totally.  Eyewear becomes eyeware ..... of the gods!

I seen those before

1) Google Glass photography did not hurt Facebook or help Google+.

2) Snapchat Spectacles are the new Google Glass For Photos/Video.

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