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Udacity aims to teach 160,000+ students statistics | Hacker News

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planetguy 54 minutes ago | link

So it's a bunch of video lectures covering material combined with exercises you can do to check your own reasoning?

Congratulations, you've invented the textbook. In video form! Don't get me wrong, a textbook is a nice useful resource, but it's not some kind of "revolution in higher education". The option has always been there to learn stats 101 from the book.



0003 37 minutes ago | link

I would say it is more a refinement of the classroom than a re-invention of the textbook.

Most of the classes have an overall project that motivate students to see the way through the end and all of these courses have consistency with the design of the other offered courses. Together with the forum and passionate, all-star teachers I would say this is the closest we have come to the future shape of education.

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